frequently asked queries

1. what is the sawyerverse?
the sawyerverse is both a physical reality and a mental concept. it is physically as real as you reading this right now. "how can that be? show me it?!" i can hear you thinking behind your screens and to that dear explorer i comfort you with a question in return. can you touch your name? can you taste various traits of your personality? your bravery? your kindness? can you show me proof of them? what about your love for your parents? your partner? your pet cat? can you prove to me that love exists with physical proof? no? ah. well you see it is the same for the sawyerverse. it is a physical reality, as physical as those concepts i previously stated. everytime we acknowledge the sawyerverse its existence grows stronger, right now, in this instant as your read these words you are strengthening and reinforcing its existence.
if you are still confused do not worry, with time more shall be revealed. patience my dear explorer. all you need do is ask the sawyerverse to reveal its secrets to you, and it shall.

2. what is the first thing we forget about someone after they die?
it is said the voice is the first thing we forget about someone after they die.
do you know someone who has died my explorer?

3. who are you?
i am a human being. my name is currently sawyer, but i have used hundreds of names throughout my lifespan and will continue to do so.

4. how does one *enter* the sawyerverse?
the sawyerverse has a direct physical entry point, however its whereabouts are currently unknown. 上 and 下 probably know where it is but they wouldn't tell sorry dear explorer, but if you have a very strong desire to enter the sawyerverse physically it isn't possible in this moment. HOWEVER, mental entry is very much possible. a detailed guide of mental entry to the sawyerverse will be updated HERE in the near future. but for now, please! be patient my dear explorer!

5. do you love me?