As i sip on this bitter mix of fermented citruses, i find my thoughts clear

And microidentities

I think people find comfort in microidentities
I think, they provide community

Community in nationality, in culture, in sexuality, in gender, in experiences, in hobbies

Sometimes i think. We surround ourselves with only those who are like us
i know- I- myself. am a victim of this

It is easy, it is nice
To be near
Those who are similar
To relate

But before everything else. I am human

This is me, sawyer speaking. I just want to say my truth.
Before all else. i am a (nearly) hairless creature that runs around on two limbs . i eat meat, i put things in jars. And then i drink them months later.
I eat and smoke different plants and mixtures manufactured by others of my species to feel different. To open my mind and see new . new things. Also to survive.

In the eyes of others of my species
I am dissected. I am given the name human, i am given my name. Sawyer. An age. A gender. Pronouns. stamped with each. Sexuality. Race. nationality. Each. handed out., with no decision for any of them

No decision.

I am a beast.
I am an animal.
Just like you.
Arent you an animal?
A human?
Dont you crave it?
To be a beast?


or is it freeDOOM?
Tbecasuse this construction of our world. So foul so utterly unforgivably foul.
at the same time gives us such comfort. It is comfortable.

Dear explorer
Who am i to you?
am i sawyer?
Am i the creator of the sawyerverse?
non binary?
Assigned female at birth?
A lesbian?