from a young age we are taught to trust certain things about this world.
we are taught to believe our elders, we are fed information from them from a young age.
we are taught gender, heteronormitivity, racism, homophobia, violence, love.
all of these things are lies.
i cant possibly hope to cover everything but i will try to break a few of these down, and im sure it will be very obvious a lot of what i say. but i think its important, because these things are not secluded events.
EVERYTHING WE ARE TAUGHT IS FALSE. it is taught through a falty lens. a broken lens. upside down. it is like how our brain cannot record memories exactly, our memories become warped. nothing in the past can be precisely remembered we warp it. its the same with everything.

1. gender

gender we are taught is absolute. we are taught boys have penises. girls have vaginas. girls are submissive. boys are strong. girls are bossy. boys are leaders.
everything we are taught is a lie.
sex the way humans interpret it is false.
biological sex is comprised of 5 categories. chromosomes, hormones, internal sex organs, gonads and external genitalia. all of these things make up sex. and technically, if there is one difference in one of these traits, then you do not fit "male" or "female". you are intersex.
intersexuality is much more common than we know. the government hide this because it doesnt suit them to show it. doctors mutilate babies bodies to keep the status quo because it is what they are taught.

then. we have gender. an even more (excuse my language) bullshit concept.
gender is entirely false. its nothing more than a name. or is it? what is real?
is gender real because it affects our lives? birth names hold power too dont they? if youre called jane that lends you to a female life, but if youre called sam thats neutral? how do these things get constructed? gender attached and embeded into our lives.
i will tell you. it is those in power. it is the power that has existed long before we existed. it is what keeps us in check. its what oppresses us its an affront to life itself. gender that is. and those who construct it and every other concept i will mention here.

2. violence

we are taught violence is wrong. but we contradict ourselves.
its like every country has a different definition of justice. in america they exercise their freedom through murdering those they judge to be wrong. they end lives, end their brain signals in the name of justice.

is it right to kill another if they have done wrong?
where is the line?
where is the point of no return?
who gets to kill them?
is it uncivilised?
what do you think.
do you believe in evil? do you think people are born to be evil? or is it taught? and if its taught can we unteach it?
why must we believe what we are taught i beg you to question everything please, question it all. fight and scream do everything you want to do i beg you